Objective-C in the Cloud

  • Build awesome things in the cloud with Objective-C
  • Create a database for your app with one click.
  • Save money: Free during development, affordable during production
  • Client SDK for iOS and OS X.

Objective-C: Front to Back

Let's face it: Sometimes you need a custom web application for your app. You are already using Objective-C for persistence, input validation, serialization, HTTP, …. So why not use Objective-C for the web application as well? With Objective-Cloud you can. Use Xcode, Objective-C and Cocoa to develop your web application, test it locally and then push it to Objective-Cloud. It is that easy. (Client Framework)

Don't worry

You build and test your web application - we take care of the rest. We automatically deploy your web application on multiple servers and balance the load automatically. Of course we also monitor your web application and restart it if it crashed.


#import "Service.h"

@implementation Service
+ (NSNumber *)sumOf:(NSNumber *)a and:(NSNumber *)b
    return @(a.integerValue + b.integerValue);

Custom HTTP Handler

#import "CloudApp.h"
#import <OCFoundation/OCFoundation.h>

@implementation CloudApp

// Adding a custom HTTP Handler is easy
+ (void)finishLaunching {
  [self handleRequestsWithMethod:@"GET" 
                    matchingPath:@"/path" // can contain patterns
                       withBlock:^(OCFRequest *request) {
     [request respondWith:@"hello"];


Client Framework

Objective-Cloud is not only about developing backends. Our Objective-C client framework makes it super easy to use your backend from your iOS or OS X app. Using the framework takes care about a lot of details without getting in your way.

#import <OCCClient/OCCClient.h>
#import "Service.h"

- (void)applicationDidFinishLaunching:(NSNotification *)n {
  // Connect to your cloud application. Has to be done only once.
  [Service linkToCloudApp:@"demo"

- (IBAction)performCalculation:(id)sender {
  NSNumber *sum = [Service sumOf:@40 and:@2];
  NSLog(@"40+2=%@", sum);

Git deployment workflow: You push - we deploy. If you made a mistake (pushed a bug) you simply rollback locally and push again.

We love open source: Large parts of Objective-Cloud are available as open source frameworks.

Convention over configuration: Almost any feature we offer works out of the box with zero configuration.

Security & Robustness

We have developed a technology which makes your code even more robust. The nature of code running on Objective-Cloud is that everyone can execute it. People can invoke your methods and pass invalid arguments: A string instead of a number for example. Our technology makes your code more robust by automatically analyzing it by using Clang. The results of the analysis are use to detect malformed method invocations and protect your app from crashing or doing bad things.

By default all of the communication between your cloud application and it's clients is done via HTTPS. In addition the core frameworks that form the basis of Objective-Cloud are open source, actively maintained by the open-source community and Objective-Cloud and security patches are automatically deployed. If we fix something you won't even notice.