Objective-C in the Cloud

Public Beta and other great Stuff

17 Dec 2013

Starting today, Objective-Cloud is in public beta. Invite codes are a thing of the past. Go ahead, create an account in order to get started. It took us over a year of development and still: Things are not perfect. If you find a bug please let us know. We have added a ton of new features since the private beta started. So I encourage everyone who participated in the private beta to catch up with the new features since it was your feedback which made us give Objective-Cloud another round of love. The new features in a nutshell:

Signup Documentation Introduction Video

Getting Started

Getting started with Objective-Cloud is free and does not require a credit card. You should start by watching the video introduction, which gives a high level overview. Then you should create an account create an account and start with the tutorial. Once you have completed the tutorial you should be able to create cloud applications. If you have more advanced needs you should read all about request based applications.

Hosting Objective-Cloud on your own

If you don't want to host your apps on Objective-Cloud you can host them on your own infrastructure. We have prepared a page with more information about this topic.