Objective-C in the Cloud

A custom backend for your app

Do you need a custom backend for your app? Simply send us a Core Data model which contains the entities you need in your backend, wait for a few days and there you go. You will not only receive a custom backend that exactly fits your needs but also the source code for the whole cloud application so that you can modify it if you want. You can also use the exact same cloud app to test your backend locally. Custom backends are extremely affordable. You pay a one-time fee for the custom backend and the usual prices of running your cloud app on Objective-Cloud.

Three easy steps to your custom backend

What is included and what is possible?

If you want a custom backend you will receive the following things:

  • A REST-interface for each entity included in the Core Data model and the ability to:
    • Create objects.
    • Edit objects.
    • Delete objects.
  • Persistence to a PostgreSQL database.
  • You can mark entities to require authentication.
  • Standard user and authentication management (username and password based).
  • The source code of the backend so that you can extend and modify it if you want.
  • Access to the database of your backend.

We will create a backend by using the Core Data model you send us. By default we will create a RESTful web service which is using JSON.

What does it cost?

You have to pay $100 for each entity contained in your Core Data model. If you want user management you have to pay an additional $100. For example: Your model contains five entities then you have to pay a one-time fee of $500. In addition you have to pay the usual hosting costs if you want to run the backend on Objective-Cloud.

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