Objective-C in the Cloud

Local Test Environment available - 2012-12-17

We are thrilled to announce the very first step in a very long journey: The release of the local Objective-Cloud test environment. You can download the local Objective-Cloud test environment for free and use it to write and test code that you can then push to Objective-Cloud once the private beta launches.

The local Objective-Cloud test environment is a scaled down and simplified version of our real server backend and it comes in the form of an Xcode project. You don't have to configure anything. Simply build and run the target called LocalDeployer. This will compile your code, launch a local HTTP server and deploy your services. You can the communicate with them via HTTP. Be aware: The local test environment is still in it's infancy. At the moment the only thing it can do is to execute stateless cloud services. You can expect us to quickly improve on that. The roadmap looks like this:

  • 15. Dec. 2012: Release of the local test server with stateless services only.
  • 31. Jan. 2013: Launch of the private beta with stateless services only.
  • 31. Mar. 2013: Session based services and public beta.
  • Q3 2013: Background services and storage.

So happy coding! By the end of January the private beta testers will be able to upload their projects to Objective-Cloud.