Objective-C in the Cloud

New local version of Objective-Cloud available - 2013-02-28

We have exciting news to share with you today. Not too long ago we released the local test environment that you can use to develop and test your Objective-Cloud services locally. For the last couple of weeks we worked hard on improving the local test environment and we would like to share the new local test environment with you. First things first: From now on the local test environment is called Terrasphere and you will love it. Let's have a look at the cool new stuff:

  1. Terrasphere is now a real OS X application that acts as the "application server". Simply launch it and you have a small copy of Objective-Cloud running on your machine.
  2. We have made the HTTP API a little bit more REST-like. There are a few resources now like services, apps and teams that you can address by using URLs. You can find out more about this in our updated documentation.
  3. Objective-Cloud/Terrasphere now supports types of any class - now just JSON objects/types. The decoding of your custom instances happens on the server-side of things. You simply have to adopt a protocol called OCFJSONCoding which is super simple. If you know NSCoding you know OCFJSONCoding.
  4. We improved debugging experience and have added a simple function OCALog() that you can use for logging purposes (hence the name). Everything you log by using OCALog() will appear in Terrasphere's UI and in the HTTP response.

You can download Terrasphere for free from our website. The package also contains a sample Xcode template that you should use in order to get started. The documentation has been changed to reflect the modifications. We would love to hear from you either by e-mail, Twitter (@CocoaPimper and @cocoading) or App.net.