Objective-C in the Cloud

Running Objective-Cloud locally

You have to install Objective-Cloud locally for several reasons (testing, debugging, deploying, updating) so it is a good idea to install Objective-Cloud sooner than later.

Download Objective-Cloud (installer; OS X 10.9+)

Xcode Project

Once you have installed Objective-Cloud you can download this Xcode project. It is simply a pre-configured Xcode project which can be used as is for local development and testing. Use this project if you want to play around with Objective-Cloud without creating an Objective-Cloud account.

Download Xcode Project (sample project for local development; Xcode 5+)

Client SDK

The Objective-Cloud Client SDK makes invoking methods of your cloud application easy as pie. Add it to your project and enjoy.

Download the Client SDK (OS X 10.9+ and iOS 7+)

Read the Client SDK Documentation