Objective-C in the Cloud

  • Easy installation on your own hardware (10 Minute installation).
  • Easy scaling: Simply add new nodes when you need more power.
  • Easy database integration: Run your own database cluster with ease.
  • Easy git integration: Push your app and it will be deployed on your own infrastructure.
  • Encryption: Just provide your own certificates and you are done.
  • Create new apps, provision databases with the web front-end in seconds.
  • Customizing: Most of the components that make up Objective-Cloud are optional. Use only what you need.
  • Client SDK for iOS and OS X is included and works like a charm.

Hosting Objective-Cloud on your own infrastructure

You can host Objective-Cloud on your own infrastructure. Hosting Objective-Cloud yourself is useful if you have special needs. You can choose between two different models: The first model includes EVERYTHING. It is basically a full copy of what we use to run Objective-Cloud. Every single component is included in this package. Those components allow you to create new apps and databases with the web interface, automatically create new git repositories for those apps, automatically build and deploy the apps on your infrastructure and to scale up. The second model does not include every single component that make up Objective-Cloud. Nevertheless it allows you to build powerful cloud applications with database access, background jobs, (remote) method invocations and much more. However, it does not include the build server, git server nor the web front-end. Although the second model is limited it is still very useful if you simply don't need the degree of automation that you get with the full package.


Enterprise Indie
Price per server $7.500 $250
Price per additional server $2.500 $250
Number of applications unlimited unlimited
Build Server included -
git Integration included -
Database Integration included included
Web Front-end included -
HTTPS/Encryption included included
Automatic Deployment yes no
Ability to scale up included included

10 hours included
(response time: 24hrs; scope: administration)

standard support
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