Objective-C in the Cloud

PostgreSQL on Objective-Cloud

13 Dec 2013

Starting today you can create PostgreSQL databases with just one click. The Objective-Cloud PostgreSQL integration has the following main features:

  • Create databases with one click.
  • Use PGCKit, a lightweight Objective-C PostgreSQL framework, to talk to your database.
  • Use Postgres.app to test your database-enabled app locally.
  • No configuration is required.
  • No sensitive information (database password, …) in your source code.
  • Access your database via the internet. SSL encryption is enabled by default.

Activate the Database Integration

Go to Objective-Cloud Connect, login and then go to Account Settings. Then you can enable the database feature there. Once you have done that you can create databases and use them to store anything you want.

Documentation and everything else

The documentation consists of two parts:

  1. Using a Database: A short tutorial which gets you started in no time. You will also learn how to test your use of the database locally and how everything fits together.
  2. PGCKit: API reference for PGCKit.

As already mentioned, the database integration is not enabled by default. You have to opt-in. This is a one-step process. Our tests showed that the database integration is already pretty stable. We will remove the need to opt-in hopefully next week.